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We are not a fansite for SHINee. We are community who wants share a bond with the boys like how Soshified is to SNSD. We take zero-profit orders.
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Taemin's 20th Birthday Project Completed!
Taemin celebrated his 20th (Korean years) birthday on July 18th 2012. SHINing Encounters has been collecting funds from Shawols to donate in his name.

We chose to donate to CMTA (Charcot–Marie–Tooth Association) because this is the association for the Charcot-Marie-Tooth illness that Donika Sterling is suffering from. Donika Sterling's favourite SHINee member is our baby Tae and we thought that it would be more meaningful.

A total of USD200 were collected from Shawols around the world for this purpose. http://i.imgur.com/w2G6y.jpg

List of donators as below:
1) Sara - USD10
2) Khloe - USD10
3) Taeminah - USD10
4) MinMin - USD20
5) LockeTae - USD10
6) TaeMinho - USD10
7) JjongHeartz - USD10
8) XMinX - USD20
9) Nikki Au (SHINing Encounters Co-Founder) - USD10
10) ChengYing Chung (SHINing Encounters Co-Founder) - USD90

The winner of the Taemin gift pack (sponsored by Nikki Au, SHINing Encounters Co-Founder)  http://yfrog.com/z/nx8o3zvj http://yfrog.com/mm68yxij is LockeTae!

We will be contacting you via email so please wait for it~

Thank you to all who participated and we hope that you will all continue to support our future projects and our precious SHINee.^^

TAEMIN Birthday Project

For every USD10 contributed, you get 1 chance to win this small goodie pack (1xTaemin Etude House fan, 2xrandom SHINee poster, 1xSHINee photo). Only one person will get it.

Pictures of the gifts:

I know it's not much but SHINing Encounters is raising funds for Taemin's birthday donation.

Donations via Paypal to shining.encounters@gmail.com
Please take into account Paypal fees (if any) when transferring money.

Malaysians can donate via bank transfer. Please drop us an email for the bank account details.

Include your name, country, twitterID for us to contact you. Please ensure that you indicate to us that it is for Taemin's birthday~

Last date: 17th July 2012

Also, give us ideas on which organization we should donate to by commenting or dropping us an email.

Enquiries, please email us at shining.encounters@gmail.com


Those interested in sending presents to Taemin under SHINing Encounters, please email us directly with your details and the details of the presents. As time is running short, you will need to contact us as soon as possible for us to make arrangements.

Presents will be delivered via a selected Korean fansite.

Enquiries, please email us at shining.encounters@gmail.com

[MINHO DRAMA SUPPORT] Fly So High via Dreaming&Humming&MINHOney
Please read carefully to avoid confusion.

SHINing Encounters @SEncounters0525 is collecting donations in support of Minho's new drama. Contributions will be done under SHINing Encounters via Dreaming&Humming&MINHOney support project (http://www.19911209.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=donatem)

For a minimum donation of USD12, you will receive a special fancam CD from @dreaming1209 (EMS fees not included).

Donations done under @SEncounters0525 are by countries. Whichever countries' total contribution reaches USD120, SHINing Encounters will bear the EMS fees of the fancam CDs (from Korea to country representative's house only). Local postage not included.

Deadline: 13th July 2012

Country representatives are responsible for noting down which Shawols are eligible for the fancam CD and which are not, based on the amount donated. You will need to email us the final amount and we will provide further instructions on transferring of funds.

Countries confirmed joining under SHINing Encounters (Please tweet them directly):
Malaysiahttp://myshawolsjjang.blogspot.com @MYShawols
Singapore - @PatriciaCJY
Turkey - http://shineeworld.org/forum @LuchyNyann
Chile - http://www.facebook.com/SHINeeChile @FcSHINeeChile

For enquiries or if your country is not listed but you are interested in donating, please email us at shining.encounters@gmail.com

NOTE: Even if the countries ARE listed on our community list page, if any country representatives decides to donate directly and not under SHINing Encounters, EMS fees will NOT be paid by us.

[ENG] Koala Kid: Birth of a Hero
SHINing Encounters presents to you Koala Kid: Birth of a Hero with English subs! Watch and listen to Taemin and Sunny the koalas!

Translated & subbed: onyuxccy
Proofread: MissPhotoSlut
Encoding: 8lbiAsian

Download link: http://t.co/cTLppKT

Jonghyun's 23rd Birthday Project Completed!
We are proud to announce that we have completed our very first birthday donation project as of April 8th 2012.

One of SHINing Encounters' objective is birthday donations on each members' birthday and under the members' name and our puppysaur, Kim Jonghyun, is the lucky number 1.

We have made a donation to 'Food For The Poor Inc', as it won the most votes from you Shawols.

We have donated a total of USD170 to the organization.

Payment: http://i.imgur.com/RTDqG.jpg
Transaction receipt: http://i.imgur.com/c1Wbe.jpg
Confirmation email: http://i.imgur.com/AGXmz.jpg

Part of the donations (USD70.66) are taken from SHINing Encounters' funds accummulated from all the pre-orders that we have done till date. Yes, as we have promised and as have been stated in our objectives, the extra 3% for albums and 4% for merchandises are all going back to the boys. As we are just starting out, the funds are still low but we would like to extend our thanks to every single Shawol who purchased albums/merchandises under SHINing Encounters. You have ALL played a part in this donation.

The extra USD99.34 were from voluntary donations from the following people:
1) Sophia Tan - USD10
2) Tricia - USD10
3) MinMin - USD10
4) Sharmaine - USD15
5) ChengYing Chung (co-founder) - USD25
6) Nikki Au (co-founder) - USD29.34

Also, if you didn't already know, SHINing Encounters played a part in the coordinating of Jonghyun's birthday project by Malaysian Shawols. The birthday dedication messages were published in April's issue of Epop Chinese magazine. It was printed out and sent to Korean fansite 'Something Special' who helped deliver it to Jonghyun together with all the other presents they have prepared for the birthday boy.

Epop birthday dedications: http://i.imgur.com/jHGwy.jpg 
The big rectangular board wrapped in yellow: http://i.imgur.com/vg8sB.jpg

All costs of shipping to Korea was beared by SHINing Encounters' co-founder, ChengYing Chung (USD25).

Finally, we would like to take this chance to thank everyone who gave us their support, whether through ordering under our name or donations or giving us great ideas.

Millions of thanks to SHINee Forever 5, [Request] SHINee World Concert in Malaysia, SHINee World Malaysia and MYShawols for making the Epop birthday dedication project a success. And to 'Something Special' for helping us out in the delivery.

Lastly, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all the country representatives who have worked really hard to coordinate the bulk orders.

Brazil -  SHINee World Brasil official site, SHINee World Brasil Twitter
France -  SHINee France official site, SHINee France Twitter
Indonesia -  Cassandra Anggriana (representative)
Malaysia - SHINeeWorld MalaysiaMYShawols blogMYShawols Twitter
Peru -  SHINee Peru official site, SHINee Peru Twitter
Philippines - Mariel Jung (representative) (@ShawolsSHINee)
Singapore -  Singaporean representatives
Turkey - SHINee World Turkey
Europe - SHINee Europe official site, SHINee Europe Twitter
Germany - SHINee Germany official site, SHINee Germany Facebook, SHINee Germany Twitter
Tunisia - SHINee Tunisia official site, SHINee Tunisia's admin Twitter

This is only the start of many other projects. We welcome you with open arms to join us and make this journey an enjoyable SHINing one.

Once again, thank you to all who participated, especially our country representatives and we hope that our bond with you will continue to grow stronger just like the way our love for SHINee grows each day.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] RE: SHINee Sherlock Pre-Order.
"Sherlock posters are almost out of stock in Korea now. You can still get it but the price will be higher." - supplier.

For those who have submitted orders or have completed payment after 3rd April, we are sorry to say that you won't be receiving a poster. If you do not mind paying more for the poster, do let us know as soon as possible but bear in mind that we do not guarantee that you will be able to receive a poster as well.

We are in the midst of discussing with our supplier for alternatives and will update once we have come to a conclusion.

For those who have paid for posters, please do not worry as we will definitely give you a refund if no posters are available.

List of countries (batch) that will not be receiving posters:-
1. 'MYShawols' Malaysia (2nd batch)
2. 'SHINeeWorldTR' Turkey
3. Singapore representatives
4. 'Onewbias' Indonesia (2nd batch)

(Important) For Indonesian orders (1st batch) please take a look at this notice: http://tl.gd/gqg4hl

Frankey Support Union Project Completed
Shawols and Lockets,

We have officially closed our project for Key's musical support union, Frankey923. We would like to extend our greatest thanks to everyone who have participated.

Many of you have mentioned that the amount is very little but fret not, the most important point here is that every single cent comes from our hearts. It is the thought that counts. And in this matter, it is the thought of wanting to celebrate our Diva's musical debut success.

Below are the countries' who have participated in this support project and the links to the printscreen of funds received.

SHINee World Malaysia USD15 http://i.imgur.com/9dkoW.jpg
SHINee Peru USD95.80 http://i.imgur.com/8Irqn.jpg
LocketsID Indonesia USD50 http://i.imgur.com/BZIBgh.jpg
SHINee World Turkey USD105.41 http://i.imgur.com/NSOGx.jpg
Nikki Au (co-founder) SHINing Encounters USD50

We have already sent the funds over to Frankey923 (total of USD316.21). Proof as below:


Once more, we would like to express our gratitude on behalf of Key and his fansites, to all who have supported this project.

Lastly, we are in the midst of collecting funds for Jonghyun's birthday donation. As SHINing Encounters have just started up not long ago, our community funds are still low but despite that, we will still use our funds for Jonghyun's birthday donation, as have been mentioned in our objectives. If you are interested in contributing more, please do let us know by emailing us at shining.encounters@gmail.com or tweet us @SEncounters0525

Visit Jonghyun's 23rd Birthday Project post for more information. You can vote on which organization we should donate the funds to.

Thank you!

[SGTS] Salamander Guru and The Shadows EP7

Trans: onyuxccy
Timing: SHAdupDINOsmine, Li[K], 4SW
Encoding: 8lbiAsian


Download link will be updated later.


1. Sherlock
2. Clue
3. Note
4. The Reason
5. 알람시계 (Alarm Clock)
6. 낯선자 (Stranger) Korean Ver.
7. 늘 그자리에 (Always There)

There are 5 individual posters, no group poster. You can choose your member or take the random poster. Posters will be folded unless specially requested for tubes, which you will need to be ready to pay extra.

Price:  No poster KRW9,900 + KRW297** (KRW10,197 = approximately USD10.10)
          Random Poster KRW10,700 + KRW321** (KRW11,021 = approximately USD11)
          Choose Poster KRW10,900 + KRW327** (KRW11,227 = approximately USD11.20)
**Posters are first come first serve basis.
Imported Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Estimated weight: 0.3kg
Due Date: Due to certain circumstances, first batch will close on 21st March 2012. Country reps can submit orders earlier. 

**Item price + 3% profit used for community funds. Prices do not include shipping fees from Korea to your country and local postage from your country to buyers.

Please contact your country representative to order immediately~

Philippine Shawols, please tweet @iamABigcas. She is currently our temporary representative for PH. =)

SHINee Japan Arena Tour Project
In celebration of SHINee's first Japan Arena Tour, SHINing Encounters have came up with fanchants for SHINee's Japanese songs (Always Love, KissKissKiss, START, To Your Heart). As their first stop is on 25th April 2012, we have asked for help from all major respected fansites to lend a hand in spreading these fanchants.

According to a few of my friends in Japan, Japanese fans are mostly only open to information from 'official' sources, which includes Korean fans. The links below are the fanchant tutorial videos.

It would be most appreciated if you can all give us your support in making this Japan Arena Tour an unforgettable experience for the boys and for the fans as well.

Please take the time to watch the videos and spread it to as many fans as possible, especially to Japanese fans. Should there be any suggestions or comments, do feel free to contact me anytime. There is not much time left before the tour begins, so prompt actions are needed.


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